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So many people are concerned about their food. I have been asked  a million times over the years on how to get a steady supply of organic fresh local food for themselves and their children. People like you and me are desperate to get their hands on food that is healthy and not laden with chemicals such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Most of these chemicals are causing a lot of damage to our health and that of our family. Such chemicals  are used by conventional farmers in agriculture to control pests, however, the same chemicals are also the reason why illnesses such as cancer and other sickness are on the rise and effecting our health and that of our loved ones. 

Most of us today are living in cities that are not designed to boost our health and peace of mind.Living in buildings that don't integrate open spaces and  bio gardens. We know that most of the stress that we feel and experience is because we are  constantly exposed to many harmful pollutants and stressors that are part of the modern system we live in.
Furthermore, our fast paced lifestyles, exposes us to various forms of radiation and this increases the risk level of ill health and diseases.

We all want a healthy life. None of us want to be sick and struggling with illnesses. We all want to be happy and comfortable. We know that food is a great component of who we are and how we feel. However, many people don't actually engage in a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people don't know how, or where to start or that it's even possible for them.

There is so much that one needs to do to maintain a garden that's productive all year round. You need to prepare good soil, good water, have your irrigation setup, prepare seedlings, have a nursery, organize water pumps, work the soil, mulch & weed...and the list goes on. 
We are living in very challenging times. Food security is becoming a serious concern ! BUT YOU CAN OVERCOME THIS WITH JUST FOLLOWING THIS COURSE IN EASY STEPS.

Don't take me wrong, I love gardening, but I know it's not for everybody. Not everyone has the time, the space, the energy or the will to do it. Not everyone has the desired results from attempting to grow their own food. I too have faced so many failures and challenges of managing everything it entails at various stages of my life. 

Even more so, many friends and people I know are struggling to just get their head around what is super food and why it's so important to include it in their daily diet. Some other friends I know just cannot afford the prices of some of these superfoods on the market and that creates an other hurdle for them. Many of us are busy with our work and other challenges and we easily oversee such an important part of maintaining a healthy diet: Feeding ourselves and our loved ones with highly nutritious living foods.

And that's why I am here sharing these blessings with you. This method is a complete game changer and will give you so much return you just won't believe it until you see it with your own eyes and feel it with your own hands.
There is a solution....
This opportunity here is to help you empower yourself easily and effectively.

It's a simple yet very effective and safe solution that will have a great positive result on dealing with all the issues and challenges mentioned above. Many people don't know how easy it is to supplement their own diet with fresh superfoods that can be grown right at home in your own kitchen or your free space. I have been working with such systems for over two decades and I can show you the process in easy and simple steps..

I have also supplied so many people in my community as well as chefs and restauranteurs with some of the best produce you can get...and it's time for you to benefit from the exact same processes that I use right now.
Why am I doing this?
I want to teach everyone who has seeked my teaching and followed my social platforms  as well as yourself who might be coming across my work for the first time.
I also have witnessed the stress of long queues of people trying to buy food during a pandemic outside supermarkets and grocers and I want to give you a great tool to overcome such challenges with just a little effort.
It has been physically impossible for me to teach everyone interested  in visiting me in the past. Not everyone can afford the time, money or effort to come to my place and learn from a first hand experience. I have also been working on various projects around the world and teaching in various places and now I am sharing all my knowledge with you. Many friends and students have been urging me to create an online course and teach people in this way so I can be more effective and you can just learn from the comfort of your home.
I must admit that I had a bit of resistance to the idea at first as I was not sure how best to deliver ALL the content effectively, however after the Corona Virus pandemic erupted, it all became clear that this is the best way for me to pass my teachings and service with you.

A Little Bit About Me
Peppi Gauci
I am an experienced ecological designer, an alternative farmer, teacher, consultant, a certified permaculturist, and also the founder of the Permaculture Research Foundation for Malta. I spent over 20 years traveling and working on bio food production systems.
Eighteen years ago, I started an ambitious permaculture project on a dry, windy and arid landscape which has bloomed with carefully designed & natural occurring biodiversity: THE BAHRIJA OASIS PROJECT. This Oasis has attracted many individuals, groups, reporters, documentary and film makers. 
I hold a Masters degree in Advanced Energy and Environmental studies at The Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales and have won a number of local and international awards in environment and sustainability. 
My mission is to inspire, teach and share my knowledge and expertise so that you can benefit and learn how to easily co-create super foods for yourself your loved ones and your community. In doing so, I believe that I am serving you from what I do best and you get to gain the best knowledge and be inspired.

Imagine yourself having a healthy lifestyle and abundance of lush tasty real fresh food.
What I am sharing with you are simple yet highly effective methods that have been tried and tested by myself over and over many years. They will give you a ton of benefits and save you lots of time while help you gain an optimum health and lifestyle effortlessly. Children love to get involved too and it makes me so happy to see them involved and consuming these foods. Many of my customers send me pictures of their kids eating my products happily. Some of my local customers whom I visit keep telling me how in love they are with their new abilities to grow in their own space.

You will be able to see all this on your own table and own a sense of pride that you have homegrown all this successfully with just a bit of guided effort. It's a no brainer to go ahead and start with such a little investment for the greatest return in your life...your own health and vibrant home grown food!

The program will include directions on where to access your materials as well as seeds you will need to get started. The live masterclass webinar will also be an opportunity to raise any issues or questions that you might still have after going through the course and have them answered.

Happy lives are possible. Healthy & INTERESTING FOOD is within reach and easy. You have a great potential in your hands right now...
YOU TOO can be so much better off very soon. 
An inspiring and simple video program course with simplified steps to follow in order to cultivate super foods, sprouts and microgreens at home with very little investment. 
Easy to follow and well shown directions guaranteed for success!
This Is  What's Included 
In My Offer...
Growing Super Foods Anywhere; Sprout Your Garden Video Course
A detailed HIGH QUALITY VIDEO course with all the elements you need plus easy steps to follow in order to give you a fool proof methodology ensuring your sprouting super foods success. Featuring my secrets and insights into the how ,what  & which  seeds to use, sprouts to grow and best way to look after them and use them. 
The Hexagon E Cards Book set
A set ebook of innovative super inspiring e-cards using the insights of the sprouts into metaphors for helping you maintain a positive and expansive mindset. Use this cards as daily guides. You can also print this book and cut them into the cards (already designed) and use them as a  positive & healthy game with your friends or your family. 
This card book is a great tool to get children motivated and engaged in a healthy activity.
Access to 2 Super Inspiring Webinars
Access to 2 inspiring webinars which I am hosting privately online. In these webinars you will get to see behind the scenes of the Bahrija Oasis bio project. In Webinar 1 I give a presentation of the incredible story behind Bahrija Oasis bio project. This project has been envisioned, designed and created by myself over the last 18 years and is an oasis of life and energy.You will find this webinar extremely inspiring.In webinar 2  I  give a presentation of the  Hex E cards (which I am giving you as a FREE BONUS) and explain their metaphors and terminology so that you can integrate them in a healthy mindset mechanism. These webinars are guaranteed to inspire your creativity while equip you with essential information that will save you lots of time and energy. 
Opportunity to join 1 live masterclass
An opportunity to join on one live online masterclass with Peppi. Here you are able to ask questions and chat while get your questions answered and your worries washed off. We will schedule this monthly, so if you can't make it you can always jump on the next one. I AM SUPER EXCITED sharing all this with you!!
Opportunity to join our private facebook room 
An opportunity to join our private facebook room community. Here you will get the chance to explore and share ideas with other likeminded individuals...remember...we are here to support your process and growth.
Ask questions and find who is connecting and supporting. This is where we have started to build our community of those committed to having a healthy lifestyle and growing their super foods at home. 

Through this community you can find the friends in your neighborhood and share resources as well as exchange super foods together. Let's do this!

Mario Gerada

Janice Dingli

Duncan F

Concetta Cariello

Peppi will teach you how to unlock that potential, within you and the environment you live in...It contains the seed of verdant lushness
 The workshop with Peppi was an amazing experience. Felt so in touch with Mother Earth. Peppi is highly knowledgeable & passionate & this is transmitted in his work. It was a very inspiring course and I highly recommend him & his work.

I thoroughly enjoyed the days on Bahrija Oasis on one of Peppi's life changing courses. A true life changing and eye opening experience to say the least :)

...Peppi is a dedicated teacher and deeply passionate human being. He is a source of knowledge and experience. In his structured classes, he presents a detailed explanation from a technical point of view, but also supported by practical examples that make it easier to understand main concepts. 

Wait!!! I Also Have These Other Free Bonuses Below Just For You. Limited Time Offer!
Super Cool Bonus #1
Super Bonus Nutrition leaflet 
Nutrition value sheets will help you understand better why these super foods are so essential for your health today. Use this sheet as a back drop on your screen or  print it  and stick it on your wall so you can benefit from all the goodness by bringing yourself conscious.

We shall keep updating this sheet and you will always have access to the updated versions.
Super Cool Bonus #2

My positive affirmations morning visual e-book. Use these affirmations to lighten your space and stay inspired.
You can print this stunning ebook  visuals or print some of it as posters for bringing more positivity to your living environment.
This is an Incredible package I have put together for you,
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 A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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All of the amazing components of this limited time offer will be available to you immediately upon purchase. You will get instant access to this amazing course and bonuses, plus, you get a 30 day money back guarantee. If you follow all the guidelines and steps that I show you in this course and still don't get results, I will refund you back your money. that's how confident I am that you will are able to make this happen.

Remember, you're just one slight commitment away...

 Peppi Gauci
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  •  The Hexagon Inspiration E Cards Set  2. (€27 Value)
  •  Two Super Webinars 3. (€194!)
  •  One Live Masterclass 4. (€97 Value)
  •  Super Bonus Nutrition E-Leaflet 5. (€7 Value)
  • ​The Positive Affirmations Visual EBOOK 6. (€17 Value)
  • OPPORTUNITY  to Join our Private Facebook 7. Grow Your superfoods challenge group
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A Peppizen G symbiotic lifetstyle
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Peppi Zen G is about Symbiosis. Opening to Nature’s abundance. Becoming a connoisseur with the language of flow. Instilling the regenerative mindset and recreating a living Eden. I can show you the right tools to positively inspire you. To make that important step towards a healthy & regenerative lifestyle. Once you have the toolkit, you can operate anything in your life, and I assure you it will be a whole new chapter.
Live in balance with Nature, and let Nature itself show you the way back home.
Remember... “it only seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela
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